Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Travel Day to Calhoun, GA

We pulled out this mornin’ round 9, stopped fer’ some grub at Mickey ‘D’s, then it was down the road to Georgia. We were headed fer’ Fort Mountain State Park, west of Elijay to check it out. I wanted to see what the park was like for future reference, especially the campground. Georgia has in my humble opinion the best website regarding volunteering in their parks. The have maintenance hosts, golf hosts, campground hosts & spots on scenic trains as well as lots of other volunteer positions.  We made it to Elijay around 12 and turned down 52 towards Ft. Mountain. The Rand McNally showed 52 as a gentle bow shape, not. It was up & down back & to, like a etch-a-sketch line in a toddlers hands. When we finally made it to the park after drivin’ in & out of the clouds, at one point we drove out and were on top the cloud, we made our way to the Visitors Center. Once there we talked to the girls at the desk but they weren’t too knowledgeable, so we went off to explore the park.

Fort Mountain is a large park with lots of hiking trails, a small lake with swimming beach, picnic areas (2), playgrounds, rental cottages and a 70 space campground, as well as the ‘Wall’ that is 800’ with it’s many legends of how the wall came to be. I won’t get into that but you can look it up for yourself here.

First place we headed was the campground, comprised of two loops. All sites have electric, water & cable TV as well as table, fire ring/grill & lantern hanger. There was one ‘Host’ site in each loop, they were supplied a full hookup with cable. The sites are quite nice and the campground has a well maintained ‘feel’ to it. The restrooms do not appear to be very old and seem to be in very good shape. There are two restrooms in loop 2 and one in loop one. I can only guess the host on duty cleans all three restrooms, but that’s just my take.

Next stop, the lake with swimming beach. You’ll have to forgive the pics cause it’s been rainin’ on & off here fer’ three days.


Despite the weather the ‘Fall Colors’ are still nice here.

100_8888 t

We drove around the other end of the lake to the ‘Wall’ and it started to pour again so we said we’d have to see it another day. The park is very nice and we think we would like it here. It’s up high enough so it probably stays pretty cool in the summer.

By now it was about 2 and we wanted to get a little further west, cause tomorrow we’re stoppin’ at another one. This one called ‘Sloppy Floyd’ St. Park. So back out into the clouds and down the other side o’ the mountain.

We were plannin’ to stay at a ‘Wally World’ tonight but we stumbled across a Wildlife Management Area as we were lookin’ fer’ a Natl. Forest camp along our way. Found out after runnin’ into a ranger out in the woods the NF camp was closed 5 years ago, way to go Rand McNally! So were stayin’ in a closed NF camp for FREE, swe…et. No one here but us and the bear that seems to be pushin’ down rotten trees in the dark! Spooky. You know the saying, “If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there, does it still make a sound”? We’ll we’re here and one fell, then another, ten minutes later one more, then one more, the last one was preceded by somethin’ stompin’ around out there, then ka-frump, another. That was enough, we’re in the camper fer’ the night.


Here’s our spot fer’ tonight.

Well that’s all fer’ tonight, hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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