Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Just waitin’ & waitin’

Well we’re still a sittin’ here in the mountains of North Carolina. We returned the little car that we had swapped out fer that big ole’ Tahoe. Now don’t get me wrong I liked the Yukon, as a matter of fact we had a Suburban before we bought the Silverado & a full size Blazer before that. But back then I wasn’t payin’ $53 a day fer’ the privilege o’ pushin’ my butt around town. Also the vehicles that we owned had power, that Chevy Cobalt had a lot more _alls than that Big, Bad Tahoe.

One other thing I couldn’t cotton to.


I couldn’t get used to folks lookin’ at me like I was from a different planet or somethin’.

So now we sit at the house, in the camper cause our friends are rentin’ the house fer’ a spell, good thing we got bathroom privileges or it might get pretty unbearable in this little box without nightly showers. Waitin’ to find out if the parts have come in for the truck. Their comin’ from up Canada way, go figure. The estimate they gave me, $2041. Yikes!!! I said it could’a been worse, we could be somewhere other than here, payin’ $35 a day in a campground or we could have had the camper on the truck when the breakdown occurred, in that case we’d be livin’ at Smoky Mountain Chevrolet. Yup we’re better off here.

The other day when we took our ride along the Blue Ridge Pkwy., we kept seein’ turkeys. Everywhere we saw turkeys, 2 here, 5 there, then another 4 or 5. I bet they’ll be buried in the forest come closer to Thanksgiving.


At least the neighbor ‘Girls’ will be safe at home.


Also while we were on our drive we came to an area and it looked like the ‘Boss’ didn't care for the intrusion of man in his landscape and so he was paintin’ over what man had put there.


Completely covered the double yellow line.

Well that’s all fer’ this episode of RV-Anytimers. But I’ll leave ya’ll with an image of a typical ’Smoky Mountain’ mornin’.


Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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