Monday, October 11, 2010

Country Cousins Come a Vistin’

Linda’s cousin Sandy and her husband Craig came down from their mountain to ‘Our Mountains’ fer’ a visit. They drove the 600 an’ somethin’ miles in one day. They were a little pooped and quite frazzled when they finally got here, it’s a long ride in a day! After we got them settled in and had some dinner we all ssat around visitin’ fer a while till we all turned in.

On a count of we were entertainin’ for days I didn’t have a chance to post so I’ve dated this to correspond to the days activities.

Thursday, 10-7-2010

The next day saw us all headed fer’ Cherokee & a small slice of the Smoky National Park. Just gonna keep it kinda’ local while they get caught up from travelin’. First stop was Mingus Mill on the NC side of the park. Mingus Mill was constructed in 1886 for John Mingus at a cost of $600 and served the community until 1934 to grind corn & wheat for meal & flour.


Mingus Mill & the flume from Mingus Creek

Next stop was the Mountain Farm at the Oconaluftee Visitors Canter. The buildings located here were all transported from different areas of the park, except the Enloe Barn. The barn was located on this property just 200 yards from where it stands today. The John Davis Cabin was located on Indian Creek, just a few miles from our home near Bryson City.


View of the John Davis Cabin

Next up was the required tourist shot for the day.


We left here and stopped to grab a quick bite at DQ. the food was OK but the folks workin’ there give a new meanin’ to ‘Fast Food’. They weren't movin’ fast enough to catch cold! Then it was off to our next destination, Mingo Falls. Unfortunately the sun was shinin’ on the top of the falls so the top was bleached out on all our pictures. This is one from the web.

Mingo Falls

The falls are just off Big Cove Rd. and very accessible except fer’ the 160 steps up.

After the falls I figured our company had seen enough fer’ the day and it was time to take them home for some rest, I’m sure they’re still tired from their long trip.

Well that’s all fer this trip. Stay tuned cause tomorrow we’re draggin’ ‘em out again. So we hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

Dancin’ on the Wind.

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