Monday, October 4, 2010

A visit with Campin’ Friends

After leavin’ Mayberry we headed east on I-40 to visit with Jay & Ellie. We met Jay & Ellie last winter while we we’re camped at Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area. We went there to see how long we could dry camp with our new setup of 2 -125 amp batteries. They  had also come over to our place weeks later so Jay could ‘jam’ with Uncle Don & sing with Aunt Jessie. They came for a day and stayed for several more.

So we were off to see them on their turf. We arrived late in the afternoon and sat around visitin’ even before we got setup. We had told them not to worry about supper as we would bring spaghetti with sausage & meatballs. As I got parked & setup, Linda and Ellie prepared the dinner. We had a wonderful meal and visited until late in the evening.

The next morning we left for town and a thrift store Ellie frequented. Linda found a jacket and a top for Ashley, our granddaughter. After we took a quick trip to ‘Wally World’ then it was home fer’ lunch. 

For the remainder of the afternoon I helped Jay move a large pile of oak wood and get it stacked. Ellie was showin’ Linda their property and Linda was eatin’ an apple. She took a bite and lo and behold there was a yellow jacket on her apple. She bit the apple & the yellow jacket and got stung on the inside of her lip 3 or 4 times, OUCH! I had to find the Benedril quick. After all the work and all the excitement I was worn out for the day.

Dinner was Ellie’s Pot Roast, mmmn…. good. Then after a quick shower we went to a jam session that Jay attends every Saturday night when he’s home. There were 12 –15 musicians at various times, it was all bluegrass and it was quite entertaining. Later we talked until it was time to go off to bed.

The following morning we had our breakfast and said our ‘Goodbyes’. Jay & Ellie loaded me up with videos & books afore we got goin’.

We left and started makin’ our way west to Bryson City cause we got company comin’. So that’s all fer today and and we hope to see ya’ down the road as we’re;

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