Saturday, October 30, 2010

Providence Canyon State Park

We woke this morning to the sun risin’ behind the trees, while the steam from the warm water rose in front of us. I just had to go out and snap some pics and watch the progression as the scenery changed.
This is how things started out.
Progressed to this.
This was my final shot, had to go breakfast was ready.
After breakfast we broke camp and headed to Providence Canyon State Park. The park was really busy when we arrived today and we chose a parkin’ space at the first area we came to. We spoke with a couple who had just emerged from the woods where the 3.5 mile trail that circles the canyon to get some pointers. Then we were off to explore the canyon. The canyon is a little overgrown with trees and many of the viewing points were blocked by them. After hikin’ about half way around we decided it wasn’t worth our time so we back tracked to the point we’d started. These are so of the shots we got on that leg o’ the trip.
Then we decided to hike in the other direction for a bit before we gave it up fer’ good. Glad we did cause these were the better views from the canyon rim.
Hard to believe that this was all caused by poor farming practices years ago that is still affecting the land today. The canyons are 150 feet deep and still growing. We decided we had seen enough and the sites we’ve seen in the west far outweigh anything like this.  So we ate lunch and headed east to visit a Piggly Wiggly where we bought some sausage yesterday they make in the store. It was wonderful and hardly any fat at all. Lucky us we got two more packages to freeze and take home.
From there we headed ESE on US 82 all the way across Georgia to Waycross where we turned south for Folkston. We wanted to stay at a Passport park there but after arrivin’ we found it closed so we headed to Kingsland,GA. There is a park on Georgia 40 there, so we figured we’d try it. KiKi RV Park is along side both the Highway and a Motel that manages it. It had some drawbacks for us, highway noise, not such a big deal, but no showers killed the deal fer’ us. We stayed at a camp with no hookups last night and were lookin’ forward to a nice shower tonight. Also the $22.90 price was a little steep fer’ half price campin’.
Back to the drawin’ board, we found a park within seven miles that had showers, $14 & change fer’ the night so that’s where we’re headed tonight. Hope this one works out, the lady sounded real nice.
That’s all fer today. Hope to see ya down the road as we’re;

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